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4 Year Scholarships

Full-tuition undergraduate scholarships or four year scholarships are the boon to the students or one-off prizes that will cover the greater part of college costs over the course of four years. These 4 Year Scholarships can cover anything from just tuition to all of living expenses, depending on the terms set out by the provider. These financial opportunities are rarer than others and tend to involve tougher competition, they are definitely out there.

What are 4 Year Scholarships?

When a student is looking to pursue a four year degree program, and seeks a scholarship for the full four years, it is known as a 4 year scholarship. Four year study programs can be financially taxing on students and therefore most students try to secure scholarships for the same.

Importance of 4 year Scholarships

Since 4 year program require a lot of finance, securing a 4 year scholarship becomes necessary. If you are looking for a 4 year scholarship, there are many options as a number of universities provide such scholarships to truly deserving students. Furthermore many specialized four year scholarships are also handed out such as Sports scholarship and Army scholarships to those who are looking to finish a complete 4 year course. Securing a 4 year scholarship is difficult because there are many vying for it but the number of such scholarships awarded is few. Below are the details of various 4 year scholarships that are being offered.

Available 4 year Scholarships

TLMI 4 Year Scholarship

This scholarship is for full-time college students who are entering their 3rd or 4th year of study and who wish to pursue a degree to make a career in tag and label industry. All sophomores or juniors who show an interest in the tag and label industry and wish to attend a 4 year accredited college full-time are eligible for the degree. Upto 6 scholarships are awarded annually, and the amount awarded is $5,000. Those who are awarded the scholarship receive the $2500 by August 15th and the remaining by December 15th.

Some of the other criteria for application include:
-Interest in Tag and Label Industry
-Major coursework must have courses that are relevant to the industry
-A minimum of 3.00 GPA
-AN official college transcript of all the coursework completed during the Freshman and Sphomore years. This should be sent by the college directly to TLMI
-Have an excellent character that reflects integrity, honesty, work ethics etc. You must produce 3 references from people other than family.

You must also submit a typed personal statement that is 1 page long and includes the following:
-Important personal information along with interests, hobbies and activities etc.
-Financial circumstances including any financial aid you are receiving and the financial budget
-Career and educational goals and how they are related to the industry
-Employment experience
-Reasons for why this scholarship should be awarded to you.


This is awarded to high school students who are planning to attend a four-year college program. Requirements for this include:
-Be a US citizen between the ages 17 and 26
-Have a GPA of 2.50 at least
-Have a high school diploma or equivalent
-Have a score of 920 on the SAT or 19 on ACT
-Meet the physical standards as required
-Agree to accept a commission and serve in the Army on Active Duty or in a Reserve Component (Army Reserve or Army National Guard).

You will have to commit to the following in order to get scholarship:
-Serve in the army- 8 year commitment
-Serve full time in the army for 4 years and 4 with Individual Ready Reserve
-Selected few can pursue a civilian career while serve part-time in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard

In order to apply, candidates must first create a MY GOARMY account and then apply at the scholarship application site.

Boston University Scholarships

There are a number of 4 year scholarships provided by Boston University to students who display special talent, excel in a certain area or have personal achievements. Some of these scholarships include:

-Thomas M. Menino Scholarship: This full tuition scholarship is awarded to 25 graduating seniors from Boston public schools. The recipients of this scholarship are selected for their capability to face intellectual challenges at the University and their potential to contribute to the community at the University and society at large. Invitation to visit the campus for a personal interview is sent to eligible nominees. Nominations are ìåéä by the student’s high school principal or guidance counselors.

-College of Engineering FIRST Scholarship: Student who has participated in the FIRST Robotics program for one full session at least in high school and has applied at the University’s College of Engineering will receive a 4 year $20,000 scholarship. Furthermore, in the first two years of study FIRST Scholars also receive funding to partake in a research program with a faulty member from College of Engineering for upto 10 hours per week for one semester in the first 2 years of study. Admission is guaranteed ti a Boston University College of Engineering Master of Science program if the overall grade point average is maintained of 3.40.

-Cardinal Medeiro’s Scholarship: This full tuition scholarship is available to seniors graduating from parochial high schools in the Archdiocese of Boston. Students are chosen for this scholarship for academic excellence, leadership skills and dedication towards community service. A personal interview is conducted of eligible nominees.

Jackie Robinson Foundation’s Scholarship Program

The foundation provides scholarship of $24,000 per four years to minority high school students demonstrate financial need while displaying leadership qualities. The scholarship lets the students pursue accredited 4-year college or university. Requirements to secure the scholarship include;
-Complete the online application which includes the 4 essay questions
-A high resolution, professional digital photo (headshots only)
-1 letter of recommendation from a teacher or a mentor or an employer etc.
-ACT or SAT scores
-Copy of SAT or ACT scores and high school transcript

The Kent Scholarship for Academic Excellence

It is a £2,000 a year scholarship which can be renewed on annual basis, if the student has good academic progress. All students who have achieved AAA at A level have been awarded this scholarship. The University has extended the scholarship to include students who have achieved AAB at A level wherein one of the subjects is Mathematics or a Modern Foreign Language. The scholarship is awarded to students from any country. Eligibility criteria include:
-Does not hold an undergraduate degree already
-Has achieved the grades as required by the university
-Has satisfied the conditions of entry to University of Kent

Golden LEAF Scholarship

This scholarship is available to those students  who hail from qualifying counties and demonstrate financial need to attend college in North Carolina which includes participating North Carolina private and public institutions or community colleges. Eligibility criteria include;
-High school seniors or community college transfers
-Residing in qualifying county and demonstrate financial need
-Selection based on GPA, financial need, length of residency in the county
-Commitment to return to the rural county which is economically backward

Barbara and Richard Couch Hypertherm Scholarship

It is awarded to a student pursuing 2 or 4 years degree program in an engineering or a technical https://en.gravatar.com/nerdymates major in fields such as welding or cutting fields. Eligibility criteria:
-Applicant must be enrolled in final year of high school or equivalent. Alternatively, student must have a minimum high school diploma or equivalent.
-Minimum overall GPA of 2.8
-Priority to students to display financial need
-Applicant must be a citizen of US. However if a child of a current Hypertherm Associate, then they may be from any country and may choose to study in any country, they are eligible for the scholarship.

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