come si leggono le coordinate sul GPS :-)


Country / User
Geographical Co-ordinates
*  Degrees Minutes Seconds
International aviation standard which is the format that has been taught through the years and endorsed by CDSM
The format display on a GPS Hddd mm ss,s
*  Degrees Minutes and                      decimals
Default in a GPS and used by marine users where greater accuracy is not required
The format display on a GPS Hddd mm,mmm
*  Degrees and decimals
Used generally by Geo-graphical Information Systems (GIS) users
The format display on a GPS Hddd,ddddd
UTM (Universal Transverse Mecator System)
Used generally by the 1st world for land navigation in various formats to suit their requirement.
A 13 figure grid reference
MGRS (Military Grid Reference System)
Used by most military throughout the world
For those that did military service, the old “6 syfer stelsel” or 6 figure grid  reference
LO / Gauss
The co-ordinate system that is used by the survey community in South Africa
If you do not understand it do not use it as it can have both positive and negative values in the co-ordinate.

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